Why Tool Protect

Five reasons tradies are choosing Tool Protect!

Thousands of tradies have already chosen Tool Protect as their digital toolbox, and that number grows daily. Here’s why!

Easy to use app for your mobile

Record details of your power tools in a few easy steps. Snap a picture of the tool, record the serial number, and upload a photo of your purchase receipt or identifying marks. As your digital toolbox, Tool Protect retains a record of all your power tools in one place. It can also remind you of Tag & Testing due dates, and upcoming Warranty expiry.

Affordable security

Right now, download and add five tools for FREE to Tool Protect.

A low annual fee of $28 will allow you to add more than five tools (via an in-app purchase).

Tool Protect can be used on as many devices as you wish for that one low fee!

tools returned sooner

Police can reunite you with your stolen power tools if you can present them with proof of ownership and serial numbers. Tool Protect generates this information in a PDF file with the click of a few buttons.

insurance claims paid sooner

The key to getting insurance claims paid sooner is fulfilling your insurer’s requests for information about your stolen power tools. With proof of purchase information stored in one place, in your Tool Protect digital toolbox, it’s easy to give the insurance companies the stolen tools information they need.

reduce your downtime

A tradie without their power tools can be an out-of-work tradie. When your stolen power tools are quickly reunited with you by police, or your stolen tools insurance claim is paid without delay, you can keep working and earning.

Stay protected with Tool Protect!

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of Australian Tradies have had tools stolen tools in the last year

Based on Australian survey participants in the 2022 Pulse Report by Tradify. An estimated total value of $370,450 has been stolen from the Aussie survey participants.

View the Tradify Report

“The Tool Protect app is so simple and easy to use. Everything I need is there on the app in case anyone nicks my tools. I like knowing I can easily report it and get back to work quickly.”

Tom N

“I keep a lot of expensive tools in my ute, so I have peace of mind knowing that if anything is ever stolen, I have all the info I need to send to my insurer and the police.”

Kyle S


“I don’t have time to keep track of my tool serial numbers and receipts. It’s so easy to do with Tool Protect and it’s good to know I have it all there if I need it.”

Pete N

All your questions answered!

How much does Tool Protect cost?

Download and add five tools to Tool Protect for FREE. Add more than five tools, and a low annual fee of $28 will apply (via an in-app purchase).

Is Tool Protect compatible with Apple and Android platforms?

Yes, Tool Protect can be downloaded for use from the App Store for use on Apple devices, and from Google Play for use on Android devices.

Can I use Tool Protect on multiple devices?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use Tool Protect on.

How do I add new power tools into the app?

It’s quick and easy. Simply snap a photo of the body of your tool, record the serial number, upload your purchase receipt or a photo of identifying marks. It all happens from within the app. 

Is there a maximum number of tools I can keep in Tool Protect?

No, you can add an unlimited number of power tools to your Tool Protect digital toolbox.

Can I create more than one toolbox?

Yes, you can create two digital toolboxes in Tool Protect. Use one toolbox for your work tools, and one for your home collection. Or one for your tools, and one for the bosses’ tools. Or record details of the tools in one work truck in one digital toolbox, and details of the tools in another work truck in a second toolbox.

Can I print my digital toolbox?

With only a few clicks, you can produce a pdf which contains a full list of all the tools in Tool Protect. You can print the pdf at any time. This is especially useful at tax time, so you can easily see which tools you’ve purchased in the last financial year.

Can I be reminded of Tag & Test dates?

Yes, when you add power tools into Tool Protect, it’s possible to add reminders that Test & Tag is due.

Can I be reminded a tool’s Warranty is about to expire?

Yes, when you add your power tool, you can add Warranty details and set an automatic reminder for just prior to the Warranty period expiring.

How safe is my data?

It’s as safe as houses! The app has been developed by experts to protect your power tools, and it comes with the tightest security protocols.

If my power tools get stolen, how easy is it to generate police and insurance reports?

It literally just takes a few clicks for Tool Protect to generate the stolen power tools reports you need. Stolen tools are easily returned by police when they can connect you to your tools via their serial numbers. Insurance companies can pay you sooner if they have the details of your stolen tools.

Start for free today!

Tool Protect is totally free to download and use with five trade tools.

Don’t leave your business to chance – download the app today and check out how easy it is to keep your valuable power tool details secure.