Secure your power tools today with Tool Protect

A Digital Toolbox for Every Tradie

Tool Protect is your one-stop digital toolbox!

The innovative app stores details of your power tools in one easy-to-use and secure system. It’s simple to upload details of the tools that are already in your kit, and to add more to the app each time you buy a new tool.

Reporting stolen tools made easy

With Tool Protect, if your power tools ever get stolen, you can generate police and insurance reports in just a few clicks, getting you back to work faster.

Stop grubs from preying on hard-working tradies and get Tool Protect today to keep your business and your tools secure. Available now!

FREE to download for trial with 5 TRADE TOOLS!

I had all my
tools stolen

One morning I went out to my car to find the shock and horror of my work van being completely emptied out! Everything was stolen.

Now I have ToolProtect and every time I buy something new I pop it into my app. The app makes it super easy to keep track of your stuff so that if this ever happens again, I am prepared and can give the Police copies of all the serial numbers on my tools as well as a comprehensive list for insurance.

Beth Morsi

A few easy steps for complete peace of mind

Secure your power tools with photos

Take some photos of your tools and enter a few of their details on your phone.

Secure your power tools with serial numbers

Upload the serial number of your power tool for extra protection!

Secure your power tools with sale receipts

Have the original receipt or identifying marks? Take a photo of these too, for your records.

Test and tag your power tools

Add dates for Test & Tag and Warranty reminders if you wish.

Secure your power tools

Your digital toolbox contains all your uploaded power tools for you to view and edit.

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Why Tool Protect

Your power tools are valuable. Grubs rip off hard-working tradies to make fast cash, selling stolen tools in pawn shops, destroying honest businesses in the process. Without a serial number, police are unable to trace these stolen tools back to their rightful owners. Without an inventory, your insurance company may be slow to pay or limit your claim.

With Tool Protect, you can quickly send a report containing this vital information regarding your stolen power tools to the police and insurers in the event of a theft. This increases your chances of getting your tools back and catching the grub responsible.

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tool protect today!

Easy setup.
Awesome Benefits.

create and send police & insurance reports

There’s no need to type up a lot of text or go through the hassle of formatting a report if your power tools are stolen. Tool Protect generates reports for you in a few clicks, so they can be sent to the police and your insurance provider.

Upload your valuable tools into your digital toolbox

Catalogue all your tools virtually, across one or two digital toolboxes. Store their serial numbers, receipts and model information so you have a complete record of the tools in your collection. Receive Test & Tag reminders, and Warranty expiry alerts.

Safe, secure, powerful, and FREE to download!

Your user data is kept totally secure with Tool Protect, and you can use it on an unlimited number of devices. Download Tool Protect and add up to five tools to your digital toolbox for FREE. Add more than five tools and an annual fee of $28 will apply (activate via an in-app purchase).

Start for free today!

Tool Protect is totally free to download and use with five trade tools.

Don’t leave your business to chance – download the app today and check out how easy it is to secure your power tools with Tool Protect.